Equipment and Gear Rentals

House Grip Package

For all rentals, the house grip package is included (for free) and contains the following items:

β€” Interfit Honey Badger 320W 2-Light Kit (portable) with Universal transmitter (2-Light Strobe Kit for Photography)
β€” 20" C-Stand (1 available)
β€” 40" C-Stand (1 available)
β€” 15lb Sandbags (4 available)
β€” 8' Lightstands (2 available)
β€” Surge Protectors (2 available)

Backdrop Kit + Seamless Color Rolls

We have a backdrop kit available to rent in case you want to utilize a color backdrop instead of the white cyclorama.

β€” Backdrop Kit (includes 2x 40" C-Stands and 1x 10' crossbar for the seamless color roll and 1x seamless color roll, 1 available): $20/day
β€” Additional seamless color roll: $10 per each use of roll / day.

β€” Dark Blue
β€” Royal Blue
β€” Baby Blue
β€” Lavender
β€” Hot pink** 4 ft wide
β€” Hot pink **9ft wide
β€” Pink
β€” Green (not for green screen) ** 4ft wide
β€” Beige **4ft wide
β€” Beige **9ft wide
β€” Grey
β€” Grey / Blue ish
β€” Black
β€” White
β€” Yellow
β€” Red (Darker)

If there is a color you would wish to see available at the studio, please drop us a line.

Grip Rentals

β€”Β Matthews Double Riser Hollywood Combo Stand with arm (1 available): $10/day
β€” 40" C-Stand (3 available total): Β $8 each/day
β€” 8' Lightstands (2 available): $5 each/day
β€” Video/Camera Tripod (1 available): $10/day
β€” Photo/Camera Tripod (1 available): $5/day

Lighting Gear Rentals

β€” V-Flat World Foldable Dual Side (Black/White): $20/day
β€” Profoto Magnum Reflector (1 available): $10/day
β€” 3' Softbox with Bowens mount (1 available): $5/day

Questions about rentals?

Please contact

Requests for gear?

If you have recommendations on what you'd like to see on our rental gear list, please give us a message at Thanks!