Revitalizing and empowering small rural communities.

The Rural Opportunity Initiative (ROI) is Business Oregon’s strategic effort to empower rural communities to support entrepreneurs and small business growth. 

Over 6 months of production, we created a four-part video series campaign highlighting four different regions of Oregon and their communities. Topics included agriculture and farming, forestry and sustainability, small business owners, and young entrepreneurs and mentorship.

Forestry & Sustainability

Center of Rural Livelihoods

Small Business Owners

Oregon Frontier Chamber of Commerce

Farming & Agriculture

A Greater Applegate

Youth Entrepreneurship & Mentorship

High Desert Partnership



Crew Resourcing

Talent Communication


8x Full Days of Filming

OTF Interviews

Aerial Video



Color Grading

Motion Graphics

BTS Video

A fun little :60-sec cut of the filming experience during one of our productions for this project.

Client: Business Oregon

Director/EP/Editor: Summer Luu

Producer: Hannah Christopherson

DP/Camera Operator: Daniel Nim

Camera Operator: Carter Hiyama

Camera Assist/Swing: Abigael Anastacio, Kayla Caldeira, Manuel Diaz

Sound Operator: Kai Tillman

Production Assistants: Danelle Painter, Jess Olivia, Troy Munson

BTS Video: Troy Munson